The Party Box

Material -



The volume can be controlled by a linear potentiometer on the far left of the plywood. The next buttons control the flashing LED ring as well as the underglow. The plexiglass sign is turned on when the lid is open because of a pressure switch at the bottom right of the lid. Finally, the last switch turns on the voltage and the ability to charge phones.

The flashing ring LED's at the front flash to the beat of the music. This is done by connecting the positive and negative of the LED's to the left and right channels of the amplifier.

Amplifier Configuration

The two 4 ohm speakers are bridged to the amplifiers four speaker outputs. The gain and frequency response are set at half. An RCA cord is plugged into the amp and the other end is an aux cord


Use a dremel to etch away at the plexiglass. Create an enclosed area around the glass with an LED strip surrounding the glass. Glue and wire to the pressure switch, then to the battery.


Use a wood burner to burn words into the wood. I traced my images out with tracing paper. The longer and harder you press, the darker it will become. I used a normal point tip.

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