The Boat Speaker Box

Material -

Not the same electrical components
(manufacturers no longer sell)


The goal of this project is to make mostly everything splash proof when on a boat. I also want the music to be played through bluetooth while habing the option to charge your phone. The radio enables advanced control for the speakers to enhance the bass/treble for better quality

Amplifier Configuration

I used two 4 Ohm car speakers for the Sony EMX302 amplifier rated at 60 watts RMS per channel. The Pioneer speakers are rated at 50 watts RMS.

The radio is a cheap one from amazon that can charge phones and play through bluetooth for ease.

3D Prints

I developed two speaker covers to protect the speakers from getting damaged and wet. We carry fishing poles and dogs in the boat which could damage the speakers without the covers.

I created two handles to pick up the box. They were bolted in with washers to ensure the strength.

Along with using wood glue, I created L brackets to keep the wood in place and screwed them in.

To charge the battery, drilled two holes for two bolts and designed terminal covers for them. The lid can be unscrewed to see the terminals and is sealed tight without any water leaking in.

For the base, I 3D printed brick slabs to let the box stand up if there is water in the boat.

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