Mask and Straps

Print masks for the flu season. Combine with elastic and overhead sheets to create an awesome mask.

Boat Box

Take this speaker system out on the river where you can jam out for hours.

Guitar Hero

Create a custom version of Guitar Hero in Java. A great game to practice building skills.

3D Printed Sign (v4)

Create a custom made plexiglass sign. It has over 20 different colors and animations that can be toggled using a push button. This is portable and runs off of three AA batteries.

Brick Breaker

Play Brick Breaker in Java! A classic game with some unique twists!

Parallel Parking Robot

Build a robot that is capable of finding a large enough gap to park in automatically.

Weather Data Retrieval

Use a GET request to locate the recent weather in your city. Learn how to setup a TCP connection.


Play Tetris in Java! A great learning experience for an Intermediate programmer!