Car Underglow

Difficulty: Hard



Show off a beautiful LED design inside and outside any car. These LED's are bluetooth and can be controlled up to 20 feet away with any iPhone. The LED's have over 40 different animations and can choose over 2 million different solid colors. Control up to 5 different LED strips and make them flash to the beat of music. Common places to put these LED's are in the grill, underbody, under seats, wheel wells, and behind the rims.


To power everything, calculate how much power all of the LED's draw. Each LED draws 60ma on full brightness which is the color white. Red, Blue, and Green use 20ma of power while the secondary colors use 40ma of power In this project I used 160 LED's which equates to 9.6 amps of power. Use a 12v to 5v converter that can handle at least 10 amps of 5v power.

Connect a 12v switch to the battery to the 12v to 5v converter. Negative goes on the gold piece while the positive from battery goes to the opposite end and the middle wire goes to the converter. Connect the converter 5v positive and negative to the VIN and GND of the arduino. All LED's positive and negative connect to the 5v converter to power them. Connect each LED data wire to the designated pins from the code. Usually pins 2-6

(Optional) Wire the DB Sound meter to the 5V and GND on the arduino. Connect the Data wire to pin A0. Wire the Bluetooth HM-10 Board VCC and GND to the Arduino 5v and GND. Connect the TXD of the HM-10 to a switch and from the switch to the RXD of the Arduino. Finally, connect HM-10 RXD to the Arduino TXD.

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