Bluetooth Garage Door

Difficulty: Easy



Instead of paying a lot of money for garage door openers for the family, build one for less than $10 if you already have most of the supplies. This is a quick learning project. Learn the powerful use of relays and to code using C.


The Garage Door Wires are disconnected in the Normally Closed pins on the Relay. When the button is pressed, the wires connect for 0.5 seconds.

Solder wires to Arduino(VIN is positive, GND is negative) from DC Jack. This is for easy and adaptable powering. Solder the HM-10 VCC to Arduino VIN and connect both grounds together. Connect HM-10 RXD to Arduino TXT and Arduino RXD to HM-10 TXT

In port connects to pin 5 of Arduino. Connect VCC to Arduino VIN and connect grounds. Garage Door Opener COM to middle of relay(common). Connect Push Button Wire of Garage Door Opener to Normally Closed(NC) on Relay

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