E Pong

Difficulty: Easy



Create a stunning game using the Arduino! The LED will bounce back and fourth and each player needs to press the button once the LED is within 5 pixels of them. If they press too early or late then the opponent will gain a point. First one to 10 points wins. Add some rules for a great game with friends.


To power everything, calculate how much power all of the LED's draw. Each LED draws 60ma on full white brightness. In this project I used 160 LED's which equates to 9.6 amps of power. Find a power supply unit that can handle at least 10 amps of power.

Solder wires to Arduino(VIN is positive, GND is negative) from DC Jack. This is for easy and adaptable powering. Connect the main led game strip to VIN and GND of Arduino. Connect data line to Arduino pin 8. Connect player 1 score board to VIN and GND of Arduino. The data line connects to pin 10 of Arduino. Repeat process for player 2. Connect data line to pin 9.

The last LED strip connects to VIN and GND for power. Data line is connected to pin 6. Connect player 1 push button to GND of Arduino and the other side to pin 3 of Arduino. Connect player 2 push button to GND of Arduino and the other side to pin 2 of Arduino. Bundle All of the wires into Wire Loom. This keeps the dangling wires safe. Afterward, hotglue the loom to the board

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