Cyclone Arcade Game

Difficulty: Easy



Create an addicting arcade game to play with friends. See who can beat the game in each of the modes. This project is not complex and uses barebone electronics. Great project for starters.


To power everything, calculate how much power all of the LED's draw. Each LED draws 60ma on full white brightness. In this project I used 24 LED's which equates to 1.44 amps of power. Find a power supply unit that can handle at least 1.5 amps of power. 3 AA Alkaline batteries may last about 3 hours with this project on full brightness. The brightness can be adjusted in the code.

Solder wires to Arduino(VIN is positive, GND is negative) from AA Battery pack. Add a switch within the red power wire or play from wired 5v connection through Arduino. Connect the Game LED strip to 5v and GND of Arduino. Connect data line to Arduino pin 2. Connect the Score LED strip to 5v and GND. Connect data line to Arduino pin 6. Solder one pin of the Momentary Push Button to GND and the other pin to pin 4. When the button is pushed, the ground connection is made.

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