Brick Breaker

Difficulty: Medium



I created the classic game Brick Breaker using Java. This is a classic game to build in java since it utilizes the object-oriented programming Java is famous for. This game has multiple different features implemented such as an in-game level editor, saving features, powerup's, and a level unlocking system.


How this game works is that there is a double array of integers. This is initialized with the width and height of the game board and filled with 0's. The 0's represent empty spots and any number that is greater than 0 represents a certain colored of brick. For each digit I display a brick from the image 0-7 and I split it according to the value of the position in the array. In the array to the left, I  would render the only the values as green because it is the first position of this image. I split this image up in 8 different positions and the 0 position is transparent.  

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